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  1. Leora riley

    Thank you. By listening to you things make more sense. If I don’t come I do listen to the tape. As for small group maybe the one at the church I know where that is at. I am very bad with directions.
    Maybe you can answer something for me. Last week in the New Testament taking about mosses he was a young man. Then we went to Old Testament and he was old. So was the New Testament before the old?

    • Aaron Patton

      Hello Leora,

      Thank you for your message! We always love hearing from people on how God’s Word is impacting them. We would be happy to help you connect into a small group. You can sign up for that group at the church or I can have the group leader email you if you like.

      Concerning your question about Moses, Jeremy, the pastor who communicated that weekend will be in touch with you through email. I’m sure he can help clear that up for you.

      Have a great week.

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