Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Our team has a lot of fun together. We take God very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves very seriously!

Aaron Patton

Lead Pastor
Email: a.patton@newstory.church
Blog: www.aaronpattononline.com

Dennis Thompson

Pastor of Counseling and Family Ministries 
Email: d.thompson@newstory.church

Jeremy Dykeman

Pastor of Student Ministries and Media
Email: j.dykeman@newstory.church

Jen Dickinson

KidStory Coordinator
Email: j.dickinson@newstory.church

Sunil Mohinani

Small Groups Coordinator
Email: s.mohinani@newstory.church

Hannah Van Zyl

Worship Team Coordinator 
Email: h.vanzyl@newstory.church

Amanda Mohinani

Connections Coordinator
Email: a.mohinani@newstory.church

Ashley Berry

Community Care Coordinator
Email: a.berry@newstory.church

Rosanna Macht

Administrative Assistant
Email: r.macht@newstory.church

Clint Williamson

Financial Counseling Ministry
Email: c.williamson@newstory.church

Josh Van Zyl

Financial Counseling Ministry
Email: j.vanzyl@newstory.church