Small Groups

Small Groups

We believe that life is better connected.

We’re sure some of your greatest highs were celebrated with other people. We’re also sure some of your deepest lows were endured because of other people. We don’t think that was by accident because we weren’t created to do life alone. We believe life is better connected and we grow when we connect with God and other people. That is why we have Small Groups at New Story.

Our Small Groups are currently in session and sign ups are not available. If you have
questions, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

What do our Small Groups do?

Be Together. We understand the busyness of life and want to create a space for connection. That’s why our Small Groups meet every other week. Part of being with one another is spending time with one another, so we encourage our Small Groups to make use of the off weeks by meeting up with a member or two of their group.
Read Together. Our Small Groups typically study through books of the bible. Each time they meet, they’ll read a passage of Scripture and discuss it together.
Pray Together. We believe that prayer is powerful and a great way to connect with other people is through prayer. Our goal is to create space for Small Groups to listen to and pray for one another. Doing this helps people know they are loved, valued, and invited to get into what God is doing in the lives of those in the group.
Have Fun Together. We know Small Groups can unintentionally become a task to complete, not a community to be enjoyed. But we were designed by God to be thankful and enjoy life and the people around us!  We cannot stress the importance enough. We take God very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves seriously. So have fun with one another!

We realize that Small Groups are not one size fits all and the success of one is hard to measure with so many variables. Feel free to find and connect with a Small Group that works for you!

Hear from people in a group

Aubrey Dykeman
“During our small group session, the women had a running group text so we were able to regularly check in on one another. We were able to put together meal trains when needed, keep up with each other’s lives throughout the week, planned a few girl’s nights to hang out, and even got together outside of group to pray over one another when life got really tough.”  

Rita Hester
“I thank God for Small Groups and miss it when I don’t have it.  To me it’s a group of friends that pray for one another, grow together in unity, and learn in Christ.”  

Tracy Oneal
“I joined a small group when I was new to this church.  Everyone in the group was very welcoming. The small group helped me to mature further in my relationship with Jesus. I learned more through teaching and discussions than I could have ever learned on my own.  Best of all, I developed relationships and made new friends!”

Not sure which group is right for you?
We’d love to help you find the right one!