Who Do You Belong To?

Who Do You Belong To?

What Do You Hope For?

We all have hopes and dreams – and often we experience the difficult reality of a hope destroyed.  If you belong to Jesus – you can experience a distinctly different type of hope – a hope for eternity.  Christian hope gives us strength no matter the circumstance.

How To Avoid Shrinking Back

Once you’ve put your faith in Jesus – now what?  How do you avoid shrinking back and stay faithful to the Lord?  Hebrews 12 gives us clear instruction that helps no matter how hard or fearful the life situation that we may find ourselves in.

A Threat From Within

So often we focus on threats that are outside of us – but what if one of the greatest threats to a faithful life actually came from within you?  Can we identify it and root it out so that we can live faithful lives that demonstrate God’s goodness?

Better And Lasting Possessions

What happens when things get really tough in our day to day life?  Surely you have seen people who gave up on following Christ because things didn’t go well.  Is that our only option?  If we truly belong to Christ – how do we carry that out even in the midst of great difficulty?  Hebrews 10 gives us two clear steps.

When You Say “I Do”

 Hebrews 10 – We understand that a commitment to marriage requires certain actions – love in action, patience, forgiveness, communication and more.  But how often do we think about and practice the commitment to Christ and what it means to be His Church?  If you are a Christian – do you know what you’ve signed up for? —