Investigating the Man Who Is God

Investigating the Man Who Is God

There Is No Maybe!

Luke gives a very detailed description of the events surrounding the crucifixion including the reactions to the events from several different groups.  Through it all, people are trying to figure out just who Jesus is.  Can He really do and deliver the things He has promised?  It seems as it’s either yes or no – there is no maybe!

Greatness and Failure

In his final words to his disciples before his arrest – Jesus talks to them about real greatness and the facts about failure.  Each of us has a longing for greatness and a fear of failure.  His words ring true for us knowing the deeper longings of our hearts.

The Destructive Nature Of Sin

In one of the most chilling portions of Luke’s gospel – Judas strikes a deal with the Devil and continues on following Jesus and the other disciples.  Jesus’ patient and gracious approach to Judas all while knowing what he is going to do shows us just how diabolical our sin can be and how gracious our Savior is. . Share this stream and make the hope of…