New Story Church has voted and called Pierce Gibson as Teaching Pastor on 9/17/23.

Step Six: Pastoral Candidate Vote

If through prayer and consideration our Search Team believes that the candidate could be a pastor here, they will make a recommendation to the New Story Owners and a vote will be taken. 

Following the pastoral candidates visit, our Search Team will gather feedback from the church and many other leaders. With much prayer and consideration, the team will make a decision one of two ways.

The first option would be that the Search Team make a recommendation to the church voicing their intention to move forward with the candidate. If a recommendation is made to move forward, the New Story Owners will have the ability to make their voice heard by voting for or against the candidate in person or online. In keeping with our constitution, a passing vote of a pastoral candidate would consist of a three-fourths majority. If passing, the new pastor would begin the process of moving to Kansas City and stepping into leadership. 

The second option would be that the Search Team, in prayer and much consideration of the feedback received, recommend to not move forward. They would then communicate this to the candidate and return to Step Four of reviewing further candidates. 

If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at Info@NewStory.Church.