New Story Church has approved and adopted the revised constitution by unanimous vote on 9/18/22.

Step One: Constitutional Revisions

New Story has a constitution that we use to describe how we are organized and governed. Our constitution, written in 1954 when the church was founded, is in need of revisions that allow it to be a more usable and tangible document for us in 2022. 

Almost every local church has a document that it uses to describe how it is organized and governed, usually consisting of a statement of faith (what the church believes) and bylaws (how the church is structured). New Story is no different and has had a constitution in place since 1954 when the church was founded. Since that time, there have been small adjustments in verbiage and methodology positions, the latest being the changing of our name in 2017 from Oak Grove Baptist Church to New Story Church. 

It’s vitally important that the constitution at New Story be a document that serves us going forward. Right now, as your pastors and leaders, we believe that it is not accomplishing that goal. We believe there is much to be revised, reworded, and reorganized in order to make our constitution a tangible and readable document for our family, new incoming owners, and future pastoral candidates. 

If you would like a copy of our current constitution, please let us know by emailing us at Info@NewStory.Church.

What does our revised constitution say?

Leadership Roundtable: Why Did the Constitution Need to be Revised?