Step One: Constitutional Revisions

New Story has a constitution that we use to describe how we are organized and governed. Our constitution, written in 1954 when the church was founded, is in need of revisions that allow it to be a more usable and tangible document for us in 2022. 

New Story Church has been approved and adopted the revised constitution by unanimous vote on 9/18/22.

Step Two: Establishment of Deacons

Deacons are qualified servant leaders that are instrumental in meeting needs within the church and community. They are one of the prescribed roles we see within the early church that help a gathering stay healthy and thriving.

Step Three: Search Team Development

The Search Team is a group of wise, discerning leaders from within the body tasked with searching for who will step into leadership here at New Story. They’re also responsible for initially vetting a candidate before they are brought before the church. 

Step Four: Pastoral Candidate Review

We believe that healthy churches need healthy leaders. An important part of finding the right person to step into leadership is taking the time to review, talk with, and vet possible candidates. This step requires calling on the Lord for wisdom through prayer.

Step Five: Pastoral Candidate Visit

The Search Team is responsible for initially vetting a candidate, but this step allows for the church as a whole to spend time with, ask questions to, and get to know the candidate. Congregational evaluation is paramount to the process.

Step Six: Pastoral Candidate Vote

If through prayer and consideration our Search Team believes that the candidate could be a pastor here, they will make a recommendation to the New Story Owners and a vote will be taken. 

Our Pastors, Dennis and Jeremy sat down to discuss some of the frequently asked questions they’ve gotten. Check it out below or on the New Story Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.