Easter 2020

Easter 2020

Because of the current COVID-19 health situation in our city, we won’t be meeting in person for Easter services on Sunday, April 12th. But we will be streaming a live online service for you to enjoy with your family! This is a great time for you to invite a friend, neighbor, or coworker to join you virtually online.

Join us on Facebook at 10:30 AM for our Easter celebration!

In addition to our live stream, we’re creating Easter Family Packs containing resources and treats for you to enjoy Easter with your family. These packs will have some fun Easter candy for the kids, communion packs for when we take communion together during the service, and more! Sign up below so we can have yours ready for pick up the week before Easter.

Tips for how to plan an Easter Family Experience at home!

This Easter with our kids during the COVID-19 pandemic will look a little different from the past. Here are a few tips to help you make Easter a meaningful experience for the whole family!

  1. Start early – prepare your kids for what you are planning on Easter. Talk about your Easter plan and how it might be different from previous years and their memories. It can still be a lot of fun for younger kids and older kids may just do better with realistic expectations!
  2. New Story plans to take communion together online, so talk about Jesus’ death on the cross on Good Friday, or before Easter Sunday. Plan to talk about Communion and what it looks like, over dinner or over bread and grape juice for fun! Here’s a simple guide on what to say and this is a simple video explanation. Kids who won’t be participating could have a different snack at the same time and just be present to see how communion works! Check out KidStory TV for more awesome videos.
  3. Pick up the New Story Easter pack for your family! All packs will be ready for pick up at New Story Church (5500 Woodend Ave KCK) on Thursday, April 9th. If that time doesn’t work for you, let us know and we’ll set up a different time.
  4. The main service starts at 10:30 on our Facebook live stream, so decide your time frames! Easter egg hunts before service may give them some things to keep their hands busy during service, but after is always fun to look forward to!

Babies are unpredictable they may need to nap or snack or play at this time. Plan your family pic when the baby (and the teen 😉 )are at their best!
Preschoolers could watch their Easter story early through Parent Cue. Have coloring pics, snacks or a separate tablet with the Bible for kids app ready to go!
Elementary kids could watch their story (through Parent Cue) at 10 and maybe grab a few eggs to munch on during the service. Pre-print their God Time Card as something to keep hands busy too.
Pre-teens need to catch the So & So show that day through the Parent Cue app. They may also want some doodle paper or something to keep their hands busy for the service!

5. Take a family photo of how you spent Easter at home, and share it with us online. We can’t wait to celebrate Easter with you!